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    • The fish was so good! We had the sea bass for dinner tonight. I am not usually a big fan of fish but this was very light and not fishy tasting. My husband, the fish lover in the family, liked it a lot! I am looking forward to preparing what I bought today for other meals. My kids don't like fish a whole lot, unless it is batter fried so I think I'll try fish tacos and perhaps fish sandwiches. Any good recipes out there, please pass them on! Thanks Dania & Chris!
      Mary P.
    • Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the Bluefin-Simply Amazing! Tossed it on the grill with minimal seasoning and lemon-so fresh and yummy. Best tuna we've had for sure! Glad you were "on the docks" Sunday!
      Mark & Tracy V.
    • I bought some leopard shark and prepared it two ways, they were both great. 1st in a thinly sliced ceviche in a fresh lemon/ lime/ orange/ ginger/ jalapeno/ garlic marinade. Then poached in white wine (riesling) and tomatoes. Even the skin was excellent!
      Steve A.
    • You were right. The crab was unbelievably good.it was a huge hit with everyone. I spent every summer in Maine when I was a kid and this stuff is on par with lobster - and much easier to shell. Your son was right: no butter needed. I thought I'd have some left for crab salad today, but all three crabs got eaten.
      Adam L.
    • Hi Fresh Fish Fanatics -We had the best shrimp kabobs last week. As usual, everything is from the Farmers Market. You guys rock! Thank you thank you thank you!
      Jordy and Natalie
    • Just finished dinner with your bluefin tuna.... delicious!!!! Look forward to more fresh fish from you again soon!!!!!
      Kerry J.